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An aix configuration collector

  Version 2.72 Released
  • Version 2.72 has been released.
    • some bugs fixed
    • add Java 6 checkings
    • support SVC
    • update checks for Java14 and Java5
    • use /tmp/c2h as temp directory
    • add tunables files to list of files (vmo, ioo)
    • show warning if system needs to be rebootet (rc=1 from vmo)
    • remove AIX 5.1 and 4.3.3 support
  • Download the release here
-aw Aug 04 2008

  Version 2.71 Released
  • Version 2.71 has been released.
    • some bugs fixed
    • improved Java checkings
    • enhanced OS Level checkings (ML/TL+SP)
    • AIX 6.1 Toleration
    • Power6 Toleration
    • add pagesize command
    • add bindprocessor command
  • Download the release here
-aw Jan 24 2008

  Version 2.7b Released
  • Version 2.7b is out. This is the first release published on SourceForge.
    • some bugs fixed
    • internal improvements
  • Download the release here
-aw Oct 24 2006

  cfg2html is now hosted on
  • This project was previously hostet on Yahoo Groups. There you can find older releases and special versions for HP, Linux and other OS.
  • For those that might be interested in the previous release, check out the cfg2html website. (Registration required)
-aw Oct 23 2006

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